Monday, 17 February 2014

So what is Project Mutiny?

I am not sure I can accurately recall what first interested me in the Indian Mutiny of 1857.  In all likelihood it may simply have been the new range of figures introduced by Mutineer Miniatures which attracted me.  In any event it led to me doing some background reading and seeing that whilst this was a brutal and savage conflict it held plenty of interest for a wargamer.  What with some diverse and interesting units and personalities, a whole variety of uniforms and over 180 Victoria Crosses awarded!

In order to manage my budget constraints I am starting the project with some smaller skirmish forces and gradually building up to enable me to play some larger engagements.  Given that it was, at least in part, the Mutineer figures which got me started I will be doing it all in 28mm.

Along with my other project blogs - Project Marlborough and Project Montrose - this is something of an experiment. At it's heart it's somewhere for me to report progress, however slow, on the project but also to capture material I am gathering for scenarios and actually gaming the period. It's not, I hasten to add, a substitute for posts on The Wargame Shed but rather to complement them. I hope that provide something of use to others interested in this intriguing period.