Here are a few books from my growing reference library for the Mutiny:

The British Troops in the Indian Mutiny, 1857-59
Michael Barthorp

Battles of the Indian Mutiny
Michael Edwardes

British in India 1825-1859
Organisation, warfare, dress and weapons
John French

The Great Mutiny: India 1857
Christopher Hibbert

The Indian Mutiny
Christopher Wilkinson-Latham

Lahore to Lucknow
The Indian Mutiny Journal of Arthur Moffat Lang
David Bloomfield (editor)

The Indian Mutiny: 1857
Saul David

Indian Mutiny & Beyond: The Letters of Robert Shebbeare VC
Edited by Arthur Littlewood

I have always found relevant historical fiction and good way to keep me focussed on a project as it's usually a little less dry than some of the reference material (recognising it may stretch the reality to breaking point - and is some cases beyond!):

The Siege Of Krishnapur
J.G. Farrell

Flashman in the Great Game
George MacDonald Fraser

Dust and Steel
Patrick Mercer

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